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Bathtimes and bath toys: How do they help your child’s development?

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Children are messy, from babies to toddlers to pre-adolescent kids. From mealtime to playtime, they will always find a way to end up getting dirty. That’s why parents welcome bathtimes as a chance to get their little ones squeaky clean. But, did you know that taking a bath has other benefits to children other than being clean? It gives you an excellent chance to help your child’s learning development.

With the use of certain bath toys, you can turn bathtimes into a fun and educational experience for your child. It’s also very convenient to get these toys, as many online stores sell them. Just check out the selection on this page:

Provides quality time between you and your child

Bathtime is considered to be a vital family bonding activity, as it gives you the time to just focus on each other. However, weekday bathtimes are often hurried because of lack of time, especially if you have a job and have school-age children. However, when the weekend arrives, it can be all about bathtime filled with lots of fun.

Throw in some toys into the mix, and it’s all hands on deck big fun all the way. It’s one of those family activities that both you and your children can look forward to. And, it’s not just all about fun; it also helps build a stronger emotional bond between you and them.

Makes bedtime easier

Having your bathtime at the same time every night can help establish a bedtime routine for your child. A bedtime routine is important because it ensures your child gets enough rest that they need. It also helps you avoid tired temper tantrums.

Allows children to explore how their senses work

Stimulation is another vital part of child development, as it helps strengthen the neural pathways that will be useful when they are older. Bathtime is not only about keeping your child clean. It also exposes them to different sensations, such as the sounds of splashing water and floating on water. Having plenty of toys around them can also help keep them occupied and entertained.

Is fun and educational

You might not believe it, but bathtimes can also be educational. With the help of their bathtime toys, they also get to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

For example, a child playing with boats can pretend to be a sea captain or a pirate. They can also practice their spelling with an alphabet set or simply get creative with bath crayons.

Provides children a break from technology

Bathtimes are also an excellent way to coax your child away from their gadgets. After all, they can’t play with them while taking a bath. So, this is the best time for you and your child to bond without the distractions of technology.

Concluding thoughts

For little children, bathtime is synonymous with fun and excitement, as well as your undivided attention. By adding some bath toys into the equation, you can make the whole experience more fun, exciting, and educational for your child.

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